Time FLIES when you’re having fun!

April 10, 2017

Yes, time does FLY when you're having fun and that's exactly what we talk about in today's show: FLYING! ✈️✈️✈️ Find out why Dan packed ROSARY BEADS 🙏 when he went to America, listen to a toilet FLUSH 🚽 and people that DRIBBLE on planes - ROCK ON! 👊


How to MAINTAIN friendships

April 6, 2017

Some useLESS information about how to maintain friendships, stories about weddings, monkeys and lots of other useLESS things in today's episode... BUT there is some useFUL RnR vocabulary as always - Happy Listening! 👂👊



F*ck Facebook

April 3, 2017

Posting pictures of your food before you eat it and after you eat it IS NOT ON! 😲 What does that mean?! 🤔 Find out in today's show and listen to us MOAN about Facebook and lots of other RnR vocan and grammar - even some 3rd conditional - ooooh SEXY stuff! 💋👊


April Fools’ Day

March 30, 2017

1st April = April Fools' Day! But what is a FOOL?! 🤔 And what is a PRANK?! 🤔 Find out in today's episode! 🎉 PLUS - lots of SEXY vocab and even some SEXY music from Marvin Gaye - LET'S GET IT ON! 🎵🕺💃💋


God Bless America

March 27, 2017

BARACK OBAMA (kind of) talks to RnR English! Listen to the man and find out WHY some people LOVE America and some people HATE America.... PLUS lots of RnR vocabulary like CRINGE, POSH, HUMBLE and much more - Haaaappy Listening!


Animals make you healthier

March 23, 2017

Listen to HOW animals make you HEALTHIER, why Dan's English has really COME ALONG and why I still haven't GOT OVER my rabbit - plus lots of other RnR vocabulary! Haaaaappy listening!


It’s SPRINGing time!

March 20, 2017

It's the first day of SPRING! :) But where does the word SPING come from? Find out in today's episode, as well as the best time to buy a house, clean bums, some Spice Girls music and lots of RnR vocabulary - ROCK ON! 


St. Patrick’s Day Special

March 16, 2017

Dan is the man is BACK! Listen to the MYTHS of St. Patrick's Day and find out how he takes all the LIMELIGHT! Just 2 examples of the RnR Vocab in today's show which also involves snakes, SHAMROCKS and Barack Obama drinking Guinness - Happy Listening!


How to learn English and move abroad

March 13, 2017

I talk to Aldo from Italiansinfuga who gives great advice about how to learn English and move abroad! The episode finishes in RnR English style with me sharing a story that involves parents and condoms - plus the usual RnR vocabulary.... Happy Listening!


How to be more beautiful

March 9, 2017

Listen to how to be MORE beautiful, why Dan and I will get married one day, a new swear word and lots of other RnR vocab and grammar - BOOM shake the ROOM!