E92: Boozing and Fainting on the TUBE 🚇

May 21, 2018

Have you ever wondered what life is like on the London Undergroud? 🤔 Well wonder no more, as I speak to Boom Boom Cannon about exactly this! 💥 There's also talk of cutting penises 😨, poetry ✍️ and sh!t loads of RnR vocab! Just keep calm people and KEEP ON ROCKING! 👊 


E91: When Nature Calls 🚽

May 14, 2018

People don't speak about life on the toilet, but why not?❗ We destroy the rule book in today's show and JUMP STRAIGHT IN AT THE DEEPEND 💦 (just one example of today's RnR vocab)... there's talk about PHANTOM pooers 😲, eating breakfast from very strange places 🥣, SAVING faces 😀 and so much RnR vocab it's illegal! 🚫 Keep on listening and keep on ROCKing! 💣💣💣


E90: Boom Boom Sweden 💥🇸🇪

May 7, 2018

Another friend from school on today's podcast and things go BOOM! 💥 We talk about life in Sweden as well as Karl Duck 🦆, children called Ikea 😲, a Nobel prize for dynamite and lots more! Loads of RnR vocab, so sit back, put your headphones on and get ready to ROCK! 💣💣💣


GUARANTEED Way to Improve Your English 🇬🇧

May 3, 2018

Bonus 3 minute episode, so you know something is happening! 😀 I have a challenge for you and something that we can do together - listen to the podcast and let me know what you think! ✌️ P.S. Go to the website to see some other things that I forgot to mention on the podcast! 😬


E89: Babies and Royals 👶👑

April 30, 2018

Another royal baby has been born 🙌 In today's show there is someone who actually DOES like the Royal Family (obviously not me 😬) and there is talk about Holy Shits 💩, old ladies driving cars 🚘, Sister Act ⛪ and lots more! Loads and loads of RnR vocab, so keep CALM and keep on ROCKin'! 💣💣💣


E88: University in Britain 🎓

April 23, 2018

Have you every asked yourself "what's university in Britain really like?" 🤔 Well ask no more, as you will find out in this episode! 🙌 I speak to a friend from university and we speak about FIRES on dancefloors 🔥, going to HOSPITAL because of drinking 🏥, REAL teachers and much more! Some SERIOUS RnR grammar, so get comfortable, listen and just keeeeeeep on ROCKin' baby! 💣💣💣 


E87: Conversation with Fluency MC 🎙️

April 19, 2018

Another 🌟SPECIAL GUEST🌟 in today's show, and what a special guest! I'm joined by Fluency MC and he talks us through how he helps students learn English via Hip-Hop! 😎 He also gives some great advice for learning English, so listen to him ROCK this podcast! 💣💣💣


E86: Expert Tips from English with Adriana 💡

April 16, 2018

⭐ Special Guest ⭐ in today's show! I talk to Adriana from English with Adriana and she shares with us some excellent tips about learning English 😊 Some great advice of things that I had never thought about, so definitely worth a listen - have fun and just keeeeeeeep on ROCKin'! ✌️ 


E85: You Can’t Buy Experience 💸

April 9, 2018

It's "Experience Something New Week" so we're celebrating this 'holiday'! 🎉 We talk about Dan the Man being a HERO 😲, hookers and gigolos 🤫 and who is better to listen to: Dan the Man or Oscar Wilde 🤔. Lots of RnR vocab AND grammar, so sit back, relax and just keep on ROCKin' - BOOM! 💣💣💣


E84: Easter, Pizza Express & 9am Drinking 🐇🍻

April 2, 2018

The REAL story of Easter explain in a RnR way? YES PLEASE! 😀 Not only that, but Dan the Man tells us his favourite HYMN ⛪, we speak about JUDAS 🙉, rabbits doing the WILD THING 🚫 and LOTS more! Some serious RnR vocab and some serious ROCKin'! 🔥🔥🔥